Friday, February 26, 2021

Behind The Artist Spotlight - 20 Questions with Justin Lehmann

Behind the art blog artist spotlight aims to understand what makes artists artists from a fan and psychologist perspective by design and dives deep into their psyche. As a fan of the movers, shakers, and name takers I always wanted to know what was behind the noise individuals make in their chosen professions. When your really great at something they call it art! I've always wanted to know more. What's behind that, that sound, that lyric, that certain image they used, that “it” they have, that product, that idea, that story, that philosophy, that one thing or more that makes them what they are, and not just some other person. So I decided to ask. What is behind the art? Here is a list of 20 Questions that I have specifically designed to get to know those movers, shakers, and name takers.

This weeks artist spotlight high lights Justin Lehmann

  1. Who are you? My name is Justin Lehmann I am the Owner at Prairie State Genetix seed company.

  2. Where are you from? I was born in Peoria in 1981 and grew up in Pekin, Illinois on Windsor Street until about 2003.

  3. What do you do? Breed high quality cannabis strains and offer lots of select boutique crosses in regular and feminized form. I pheno select, backcross, reverse pollinate, seed and just help the plant to evolve. I love the plant. We don't grow the plant the plant grows us.

  4. How do you describe your self? I have been down many many roads in this life so I guess I would say I am humble, grateful and passionate about everything I do.

  5. How long have you been working in your industry? I have been growing marijuana since the 90's when I was a teenager growing it down in the backyard creek. But professionally I have been breeding cannabis professionally with a medicinal focus since 2008.

  6. Where do you work most at? In the garden of life man, dig it. I spend lots of time working with plants. But I also spend plenty of time online helping people by answering questions, working on the website, seed pack art and teaching people how to grow their own medicine when I can.

  7. What motivates you? By the growers that grow my strains in their gardens they motivate me to keep doing what I do. Maybe one day being legendary in my line of work would be cool also. Cannabis is a serious business we are talking about people's time, medicine, and hard earned money. This is all about people growing high quality stable medicine for themselves and others to enjoy.

  8. What inspires you? I am inspired by honesty and humility. My daughter inspires me every single day to stay alive and provide a stable future.

  9. What or who influences you? When I started growing cannabis in the 90's it was from my Dad Larry's seed that would fall out of his garbage bags in the dirt behind our shed. I was first inspired by Marc Emery. I use to read about him in High Times Magazine and then as a teenager I saw him once in one of my dad's Wall Street Journals and it all just kind of clicked on what I wanted to do someday. Told myself even back then in the mid 90's I would one day hitchhike to California and grow High Times looking buds.

  10. What are you passionate about? I am passionate about the plant and different genetics, teaching people how to grow, trading stocks, and being a dad.

  11. What sets you apart from other individuals in your field? I would say Prairie State Genetix provides a completely different experience when buying cannabis seeds. I am very much upfront, hands on, and answer all messages from anyone who reaches out. PSGx has established a brand new culture in regards to genetics. I tell people all the time "grow seeds from breeders you know that will actually take the time to answer your messages back." Haha.

  12. What is your favorite thing about the industry you work in? My favorite thing is getting pictures from the growers out there once they finish, cure, and smoke the strain finally. I like seeing two things crossed together there are so many steps and I get gratification from them all. I love to talk about bud. I love to see other people cross my strains with other genetics also here and there.

  13. What does your average day look like? Multi task... pretty much work with plants, trade stocks, and talk with people all day 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Ask anyone that knows me I live in a twilight zone of time.

  14. How do you face your challenges? I face challenges off intuition, confidence, and what I learned before from fucking up in the past.

  15. What are your strengths? I would say I am a communicator and I dedicate myself to whatever it is that needs to be done. Far beyond driven and driven by demons lol.

  16. What are your weaknesses? Patience, doing too much at once ,or asking for help.

  17. Where do you see your self in five years? 5 years... probably crazy, toothless, bald with dreads, and living on the Moon... lol... Naw I am not sure. I live one day at a time it's part of my program these days.

  18. If you could tell someone who wants to be like you one thing before they go into your industry what would it be and why? If anyone calls you a pollen chucker tell them to f@#$ off because every breeder has to start somewhere somehow.

  19. What should we know about you that we haven't talked about yet? I am a mycologist also... and have a micro dose maintenance product in a few U.S states currently called 7FLOWERx.

  20. Is there anything you would like talk about (anything at all) that is important to you? I am truly living my dream and love what I do... it doesn't even feel like work it is just life. I am thankful for everyone that has the confidence in PSGx to grow my gear. Thanks for having me I am flattered.

    If u would like to contact Justin visit his website

    Andy Ray Uppole is an artist from Peoria, Illinois that specializes in audio and video production, graphic design, commercial art, and creative consulting. You can contact him by calling 209-509-4120 or email him at